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FLAT ROOF FOX cutting machine


We recently visited an icopal construction site in Oberderdingen together with BMI Germany.

We presented our FLAT ROOF FOX to the guys there and showed them how easy it can be to cut bitumen sheets on the roof.

The FLAT ROOF FOX can be transported onto the roof by crane and is ready for use there with a simple power connection for the 230 volt socket. Recurring cutting processes can be set and automated in just a few steps, for example via the built-in control system, but also via a cell phone or tablet.

The FLAT ROOF FOX therefore simplifies the work process enormously, reduces errors and material wear and ensures safe working. Knees and backs are protected and cuts are prevented.

Usage on construction site

We are delighted to be working with BMI and in their words:
“We think Rooffox is the perfect fit for BMI and the brand identity of our premium icopal brand.

Like us, they are at the forefront of the industry, making it possible to design roofs for a new era.”

Transport to building site

Transporting the machine is easy. Two people can carry the machine and simply move it over the floor and roof using the extendable handle.

You can simply drive under it with a forklift truck to lift it or lift it onto the roof using the four crane eyes.

Blade change in action

In this video we demonstrate how you can change the blade of the system in just a few steps without any problems.

Temperature chamber at 50°C

We heated various bitumen sheets to 80 °C in the temperature chamber. When we took them out, they were between 50 °C and 60 °C.

At these high temperatures, no bitumen residue remains in the machine, as you can see in the video.

This and the choice of parts used guarantee that the machine is maintenance-free.

Machine in action

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